At Active Learning we believe that helping a child to be confident, happy, healthy and adventurous is a key to their future success in making that transition into school life and beyond. Active Learning involves the children learning through outdoor games, sports, dance, drama, music, art as well as the usual nursery curriculum you would normally expect. 

Whereas some nurseries offer a little taste of some dance or sport or music, provided by outside teachers, our nursery revolves around these activities. It’s a little like a Performing Arts School for little ones. Since children are often at their most creative at this age, acting out stories, singing, making up songs, surely this has to be their dream environment where they are encouraged to do this all day long. This however is not easy to provide and we need very special people to help us. 

At Active Learning staff are our lifeline and the foundations of our success. We need highly enthusiastic, happy people on board to make this happen, people who are full of the joy of life, bouncing with energy, and who will be infectious with their enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve. 

If we recruit the right people, Active Learning will be a joyous place to spend time, either as a child, member of staff or a parent.