Academics Ltd

Published: 03 Jul 2015

About Academics Ltd  We believe that working in childcare and education gives you the unique opportunity to help shape and influence children and students from a very early age. With over 10 years expert experience in childcare and education we understand that it is the quality of our staff that ensures we provide continuity for the children and the organisations we provide for. Delivering a safe, efficient and quality driven service is our goal and we can’t do that without YOU!


We provide this by recruiting the best consultants available who can understand your needs and meet them. All our consultants are qualified and experienced Nursery Nurses and Nursery Managers so they understand exactly what is required on a short term, long term or permanent basis. Our skilled consultants see both sides of the puzzle so they will ensure that as a candidate your requirements like pay, location, hours and duration of contract are met. As a client you will have peace of mind that each candidate sent forward to you has been, met, interviewed, referenced and vetted specifically for the needs of any given role by a qualified Nursery professional.


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