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My overseas childcare journey with TUI - Vicky

Published on: 27 Sep 2017

My overseas childcare journey with TUI

My name is Vicky and I am a qualified level 3 Childcare Rep for TUI.

On my Assessment Day I was really nervous as I wasn’t sure what the day would entail. However, all the recruitment staff were super welcoming and we were given so much information that as the day went on I became much more relaxed. I also thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt lots about the potential company I would be working for.

I was so excited when I got my placement as it was one of my favourite holiday destinations –Tenerife.

During my time in Tenerife, I have been lucky enough to work in both childcare concepts – Kids Club by Family Life and First Choice. I spent my first month working in the Kids Club by Family Life concept, which involved me working in an international team. I really enjoyed working as part of an international team as it meant I had the opportunity to meet people from different countries and learn some of their language. I also forged great friendships with people from around the world. For my remaining time in Tenerife, I moved to a ‘UK only’ First Choice unit. I really enjoyed being able to experience both types of kid’s clubs that TUI had to offer, and I was very lucky to be able to work with a variety of people.

Over the course of the season, our team leader gave us different competitions to take part in against our other kid’s club in Tenerife. This involved getting the highest customer service scores for activities and kid’s rep’s overall. We were given various different incentives alongside these targets such as an extra day off and a chance to win a trip to Teide by night. I am happy to say that our kids club won both of these competitions and we were lucky enough to do one of the best trips on the island – Teide by Night.

As well as working I have managed to do some amazing things on my days off such as visiting Siam Park, Europe’s best waterpark, and its sister park Loro Park, inflatable courses on the sea. I’ve also spent downtime chilling around the pool and exploring Tenerife.

Not only has this job developed me in terms of my childcare experience and my job skills, it has given me the opportunity to make new friends for life, discover new places and learn about different cultures. The job is very demanding at times and is hard work, but it is such a rewarding experience. You meet so many different people from around the world and you get to explore new and exciting places and make memories that will last a life time.

Having enjoyed the job so much, I decided to apply for a ski season in Childcare for Crystal Ski, and I am very happy to say I got the job! I’m looking forward to finding out where I’m going and what adventures are to follow whilst working for TUI.    

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