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Zebedee International Preschool and Nursery

852 2650-3339
G/F Yat Wing House
Yat Nga Court
Tai Po
New Territories

Zebedee International Preschool and Nursery was established in 2008 in a leafy suburb of Tai Po, Hong Kong. We follow the EYFS curriculum and thats why our teachers are recruited predominantly from Britain and mostly holders of a degree in Early Childhood Studies or Level 4 or 5 Early Years Training. 

As an international school in Hong Kong all we provide places to an international cohort of children, some of which are native English speakers and others being second English language speakers. We focus on offering a friendly atmosphere and excellent support to parents and children of the school. Communication is key and every effort is made by the teachers and staff to parents and children that ensures transparency and clear understanding amongst all its stakeholders.  

We offer extra family services such as parents workshops, playgroup for children aged 18months+  and Extra-English classes for those children who need a little extra help with acquiring English language skills or new arrivals etc. from Monday to Saturday. 

Our operating hours for the nursery and preschool are Monday to Friday mornings from 9am until 12 noon and afternoons from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. We do not offer a full day session at this moment.

Children can attend the nursery class from age 2 years and the preschool from 3 years to 5 or 6 years depending on if they are going to attend international or local primary schools. There is an ongoing application and enrolment process to cater to international families and we offer flexible entry points at any period between age two and age five years.

All our teachers are fully qualified native English speakers and these are supported by qualified local teaching assistants.

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    • Zebedee International Preschool and Nursery
    • The preschool is located in a leafy district in the East New Territories of Hong Kong
    • Accommodation provided bedroom / ensuite,TV, fridge, kettle,shared kitchen. Income Tax Settlement.

    A fantastic overseas opportunity for a Reception Teacher in HK working with an int'l team. Visa sponsored, Accommodation provided, Tax Settlement.

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