Coconut Nursery

Contact: Katie Thompson

Coconut Nursery
133 Stoke Newington Church Street
Stoke Newington
N16 0UH
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7923 0720
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About Coconut Nursery

Coconut Nursery has been providing quality nursery education in Stoke Newington since 1992

We believe that we have created a playing and learning environment that offers inspiring activities and provides children with opportunities to develop holistically together with their peers. We involve the children in the planning of their pre-school education. In this process emphasis is always placed on individuality, the child's functioning as a group member and what the child enjoys!

Children are given unlimited opportunities for role play through props, dressing up clothes and small world play. Their Physical, and Creative Development are promoted (among many other things!) through free access to climbing frames and a wide selection of other equipment. The children can help themselves to a wide range of writing, drawing, painting and malleable materials at all times. The same applies to all daily art/craft activities some of which are based on the current activities and experiences we are planning for the children. Communication, Language and Literary and Mathematics are prioritised in a practical way in all play activities. The children have access to the computer and internet in short one to one sessions.

Our large garden is divided into sections to accommodate organised games, physical exercise, exploration in the garden and free play. The physical exercise area is safety surfaced throughout. We have a vegetable garden, a covered sand-pit, a play house and even a little 'orchard' of fruit trees on the lawn.

At Coconut we believe in equal opportunities at all levels and our main aim is to work in partnership with parents emphasising the importance of mutual respect and friendship between all children and adults.

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