Hatching Dragons.

Contact: Mr Cenn John

Jewin Chapel Vestry
1 Viscount Street
Greater London
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 3287 7020

About Hatching Dragons.

Hatching Dragons is the UK’s first bilingual Mandarin-English early years provider that aims to offer the highest quality care in an environment that also fosters fluency in two of the world’s most important languages - Mandarin and English.

We want to do something truly different for the children in our care and the families we serve. We want to offer:

  • Premium Quality Care: The safest of environments so that parents can rest assured their child is always under the watchful eye of vigilant and highly trained member staff. They need to feel and know that no harm will come to them whilst they are with us.
  • Premium Quality Pedagogy: A dynamic and well structured nursery experience that affords the children as much exposure to truly inspirational activities and experiences that will stick with them and their families for life.
  • Intercultural Understanding: An enriching multicultural focus that will see them develop with an acute level of intercultural understanding to help prepare them for a more multicultural future
  • Bilingual Skills: A constant and structured bilingual Mandarin-English delivery that will see the children develop basic fluency in both languages by reception age
  • Uniquely Qualified Team: The best quality team that can deliver the safest of environments and the highest quality educational and pedagogical knowledge in the nursery sector

As such, we expect our people to bring with them a dynamism and energy to their work that is not found elsewhere in the sector - we want to be the best so expect our people to be the best and for our staff to be inspired by managers who go above and beyond the call of duty in every way.

What sets us apart is our bilingual and bicultural approach, but this has to rest on the central foundation of quality; quality in terms of safeguarding the children’s welfare and in terms of delivering the best early years pedagogy there is in the sector.

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