St. George's Nursery

St George's Nursery
Grace House
United Kingdom

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About St. George's Nursery

St. George’s Nursery, a family-owned business, started its journey in 1994. The founders wanted better quality childcare for their own children than was currently being provided in the Leicester area.

They envisioned a day nursery that went further than ordinary childcare; a nursery that would set children up for school; a nursery that would develop their educational, social, physical and emotional skills as well as their confidence.

Do you want to work in a modern and exciting work environment? Do you think you would enjoy working with customers that can provide unconditional love and that will always welcome you for who you are?

At St. George’s Nursery we know that children never fail to make you smile each and every day. We get to see the true value of imagination, fun and honesty, something we would welcome the chance to share with you.

You will be part of a highly motivated, hardworking and fun team. Making a difference in the lives of children, all whilst receiving a competitive salary, a range of benefits and having the chance to grow within the company.


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