Deputy Director of Education (Early Years)

Shenzhen, Guangdong (CN)
salary and benefits are negotiable
01 Aug 2018
01 Sep 2018
Full Time
Contract Type

The Deputy Director will be a UK national with in-depth experience of delivering a language-based programme within a bilingual context, and a working familiarity with the Chinese education system.

For Full Circle, the term ‘early years’ defines the educational offered to children aged (2) 3-6 to include:
•    stand-alone, full-day kindergartens
•    kindergartens which are part of the training school system (usually half-day)
•    training schools which exist to complement the mainstream schooling in China, typically after-school English lessons and weekend classes.

Job Description

  •     To ensure, where relevant, that Full Circle and St Bees kindergartens operate a curriculum which follows the Full Circle educational approach with due deference to the protocols in operation at any given time.
  •     To provide leadership and support to KGs as they are established and grow. This will involve all aspects of KG provision:
    •     schemes of work and programmes of study
    •     classroom and learning resources
    •     KG interior design, following the VI from Full Circle
    •     selection, training and retention of suitably qualified and experienced western and Chinese teachers
    •     promotional materials and niche marketing strategy
    •     website and event representation and coordination
  •     ensuring that the interface between East and West within the KGs and training schools operates smoothly and consistently.
  •     To lead and coordinate leadership teams in all centres.
  •     As far as possible, aim to harmonize approaches to learning and teaching between the UK and Chinese curricula, and identify teacher training requirements to meet such objectives.
  •     To oversee the production and/or upgrade of documentation, to include detailed PoSs and SoWs, for the full range of programmes.
  •     To build components for children’s character development into the curriculum, exploiting every opportunity for delivering a rounded, holistic education.
  •     To work on ways of measuring student progress in the development of character attributes and of reporting such progress to parents.
  •     To identify and source appropriate classroom resources, to include textbooks, e-versions, library reference works and toys
  •     To produce and/or administer assessment programmes for children.
  •     To identify staffing requirements in advance.
  •     Develop appropriate reading schemes and phonics programs, as appropriate.

Subject-specific Competence

  1. Play a leading role in providing a dual-language dimension for Full Circle and St Bees kindergartens.
  2. Establish the curriculum development action planning framework for early years education, to include timelines, planning ahead of time and meeting due deadlines.

Role Competence
1    Native or fluent speaker of English
2    Bachelor’s/Master’s degree and a teaching-related certificate
3    Competency in spoken Chinese would be a distinct advantage.
4    Experience in a bilingual or dual-language early years environment and adequate, relevant teaching experience
5    Higher-level interpersonal competence and a positive, pioneering attitude
6    Good health, enthusiasm and a sense of humour