Early Years Teacher

Beijing/Shenzhen, China
Competitive Salary
21 Jun 2021
22 Jul 2021
Full Time
Contract Type

Early Years Teacher

Reporting - Education Director for Mainland China

Serve as a practitioner for SPRING’s variety of Early Years classes, with the following key responsibilities including but not limited to:

SPRING Learning:

  • be responsible for the planning and implementation of an age-appropriate programme for SPRING families that focuses on children’s development from birth to 6 years of age
  • to effectively teach a variety of classes, with and without parental involvement, for children from birth to 6 years of age
  • plan in accordance with the SPRING curriculum frameworks, focusing on incorporating key areas of early childhood education, including but not limited to:
    • Personal, social and emotional development
    • Sensory integration
    • Communication, language and literacy
    • Problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy
    • Physical wellbeing, health and nutrition
    • Understanding of the world
    • Creativity and the Arts
  • to develop new high quality Early years programmes for SPRING, including both offline and online content
  • ensure the SPRING Learning programme reflects acceptance of the cultural diversity of global citizens
  • as required, support organizing field trips and suggest visitors/strategic partners to enhance the programme
  • display and document children’s work in an attractive manner and respect the cleanliness and condition of each and every classroom space
  • communicate with the Education Director to report on teaching and curriculum quality


  • engage with families within the SPRING PLAY facilities throughout the day and during scheduled periods; understanding and respecting the value of continued child development, observation and opportunities for learning in these environments
  • model and encourage positive interaction between all adults and children in the centre

Environment & families:

  • be available to give parents feedback regarding their child’s progress through face-to-face chats or appointment
  • maintain professional confidentiality at all times
  • be an appropriate role model in the management and support of children
  • be a provider of information about child development and child care issues as required
  • ensure the environment is safe, motivating and reflective of SPRING’s standards of quality
  • ensure all equipment is used safely, and is kept in good working order
  • promote and model correct hygiene and health procedures
  • ensure the storage of equipment is safe, not blocking exits and walkways, and is of neat appearance in both SPRING Learning & SPRING PLAY areas

Fellow staff members:

  • assist the management team as required, encouraging team work among all staff members
  • develop a co-operative and supportive working relationship with your fellow teachers
  • be flexible in teaching responsibilities in accordance with the business needs of SPRING; such as but not limited to covering other classes when needed and supporting as a co-teacher or teaching assistant as required
  • share teaching experiences and techniques with colleagues as required
  • assist with planning and executing special events such as but not limited to; cultural days, concert shows, outings, charity events and strategic partner collaborations
  • attend and contribute to monthly staff meetings, professional development courses and curriculum planning meetings as organized by the Management team
  • participate in in-service training and workshops as applicable/available
  • hold valid and keep current a First Aid Certificate
  • take part in peer observations as part of ongoing professional training
  • keep up-to-date with latest best teaching practice and educational research in Early Years Education


  • adhere to the employment requirements outlined in the Labor Contract and SPRING Employment Handbook
  • understand the required flexibility of operations in an Education centre and complete all reasonable assigned tasks from Senior Management to support the smooth running of the centre
  • be prepared to travel inside and outside of China on Company business